10 Inspiring and stylish Brazil Houses with Modern Designs

All over the place in the world, there are many good looking homes with contemporary designs, but many of them are influenced by culture and locations. We have gathered 10 houses with contemporary designs to betther convey this idea, all are found in Brazil. Most of them have similar characteristics but each also have different elements, and it often happens.

1. Studio MK27 and the Ipes House

When talk about the whole structure and selection of material, the first selection comes with innovative design and called the Ipes House, an exposed home with concrete base material. The shape of the house looks like a concrete box with large dimension that float on top of a glass volume. Some private spaces with compact look are available, they have excellent look and completely functional. The interior is marvelous.

2. Isay Weinfeld and the Grecia House

The owner of this house enjoy quality moments with his kids, family, and friends because initially he wanted a large house that can accommodate a lot of people. You can find this house in Sao Paulo. For this purpose, a series of ample spaces for social gathering is organized by the architects, including a sauna, kids play room, and a cinema room. The owner also wanted to be active and dynamic, so he requested a long lane for swimming pool and a gym.

3. Ana Paula Barros and Loft Bauhust

This house is inspired from the the work of Mies Van der Rohe, the Farnsworth House. Located in Brasilia. The house comes with a transparent façade, ribbon windows, and an open plan. A combination of wood, iron, and stone is used in this house, the feature of the geometrical lines look clean and tidy. To make the temperature easier to handle, the platform of the house is suspended so that the house is more sustainable.

4. Seferin Arquitectura

Two separate volumes are available in this house. A two story block with brick is the first one while the other has one level. Particular areas come with particular functions in each volume. For instance, a porch, a terrace, a balcony, gourmet kitchen, dining room, and the living room is included in the tall block while the bedrooms, a guest suite, and service areas available in the second block.

5. Nitsche Arquitetos Associados and the Iporanga

This special house is surrounded by native forests in a protected area, located in Guaruja, Brazil. For this reason, the owner wanted the house to occupy less space as possible. He requested the architects to create 3 levels with 5 suites. The first level for the social areas, the second for private spaces while the third for storage facilities and guest services.

6. Humberto Hermeto and the JE House

This house doesn’t have a continous volume because it is located on an unusual terrain so it is impossible for the architects to do so. To solve this, two separate structures are splitted in this residence. One has a service area, a living room with large size, and five suites, and a large art gallery is made in the other one.

7. SPBR Architects and the Santa Teresa House

This house is a contemporary residence and offers beautiful views of the old downtown, located in the historic city of Rio De Janeiro. The first level of the house features the office and the bedrooms and the second level houses the living areas with floor to ceiling glass walls with beautiful views in each sides.

8. Maristela Faccioli Architecture

This house is surrounded by vegetation and trees and serve as a week end house. The owner of the house was ordered to maintain the area as green as possible and to maintain the original environment on that site. These requirements are imposed by the legislation and the rules, so the architects must have a way to combine all expectations of the house owner.

9. Bento+Azevedo Architects and the house carqueija

You can find this house in Camacari, Brazil, this house is white washed. The house exterior is completely painted in white and given wood panell on the wall. This residence is minimalist and the same pattern is used in the interior, bright décor and green vegetation also prettify the house. Everything seems so refreshing.

10. Anastasia Architects and the Belo Horizonte residence

This house has a beautiful pergola, large windows and doors, a rectangular and compact floor plan in its two story levels, our last choice of the day. This house is equipped with living areas in both exterior and interior that enhance the beautiful connection between indoor and the outdor. A large porch swing also available on the house. The archictects make the best use of the external areas, so the house is well proportioned and well planned.


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