5 Chicken Wire DIY Ideas For The Home

When thought deeply, chicken wire is prove to be more stylish, versatile, and functional than ever, this piece is known to keep the hens at bay. The chicken wire is used in a lot of DIY project for home décor, it turns the parts of your house into something more artistic and decadent.

There is only a few style with different category for the chicken wire not to be out of place or come off kitschy if you want to use the chicken wire in just one room or throught out the house. These great DIY projects can be housed in rustic bedrooms, in shabby chic bathrooms, and in the country kitchens. Yet in a more trendy and upscale environment with modern setting, using chicken wire is difficult, you have to keep that in mind. Before you start shopping for trips or plan your projects you must stick to your vision.

Check out these homey chicken wire project for some simplicity, unique, chick, and fun DIY.

1. Add something to those empty frames

Use the chicken wire to fill some extra empty frame you have found in the house and try not to slide in a photo or a few scraps of paper. Hang something cute such as a name or an initial by grabbing some clothespins as a memo board.

2. Create or cover a chandelier

Use the chicken wire to cover an old chandelier or try to build a new one, the purpose is to obtain a shabby chic look. Give it a try for yourself. You just have to visit a nearby flea market or a Dollar Store to buy some wire and you’re ready to go.

3. Provide door to your cabinets

Consider yourself adventurous. Look at those old fashioned cabinet doors and then use the chicken wire to cover them. This option is great to display your cookbooks or your favorite china or perhaps your classic books in the bedroom or the study room.

4. Take a basket

Baskets from chicken wire are not only good for display, they also good for storage. This storage is good for storing seasonal fruits and pretty candies. With this storage you are ready to shop for fun and there is no excuse not to try this great DIY project.

5. Use a wallpaper

One of the latest issue in the use of chicken wire is to use it as wallpaper. Without going too shabby or overly country, su rprise and texture is adorn the wall. This method is great to display some wall art and more boho compared to other style.


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