5 Creative Ways To Use Under Stairs Area

Not everyone knows how much space they have used in their house until finally they know when we have told them. For this day, this is your work. Use your creative ideas and look around you at condo, town home, apartment, at crannies and all nooks in the house. For instance, consider the stairs, could you make something beautiful from that space? The answer is yes, you can appreciate the space with many different forms with many innovative ways. Below are some functional methods that you can use for the stair area, check these out, and make a versatile and adorable result.

1. More storage is necessary

The area under the stairs is useful for storage space, particularly for big collectors and smaller houses. This area can serve as central storage where you can keep your outdoor tools, coats and shoes, sports equipment, extra outwear for the winter, books, photo albums, board games for the family, CDs, and Movies. You need to install shelving, closets, and the right drawers. We must agree that this area is very functional and helps you a lot with organization.

2. Create a corner for writer or crafter

Use your imaginations to give more functions to this small space. Those who have big imaginations must be catered by us. Perhaps your family has writer or crafter, we have to provide a haven for them as creative as we can. It is only a place with small size where they let their dreams roll. Plug in the computer then add some shelves for organization, display some photos with a cork board.

3. Make a dream for a reader

Make a convenient place where you can rest for a while, right under the stairs, for a relaxing read, a quick and cozy nap.

4. A dog house is recommended

You must treat the dog with style. If you can be creative, use the small area under the stair as extra space for your lovely pet, so they wouldn’t lounge around the furniture in the living room. Make a special room for them, only for one dog or a cat so they will dream of living in pet kingdom.

5. Make a bed for the guest

If you don’t have a guestroom, you should try to create one. It is easy and fast. If the space is available then make it immediately for use by your best friend, or your mom when they come for a visit. This has double function, it serves as a relaxing or as a reading corner in the house.


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