5 Tips For Decorating Your Nightstand

­­For a creative person, the nightstand is an item that must be made more stylish with fine decoration. It doesn’t matter what ethos or theme that you use in your room, what important is that you have to take into account the cranny and every single nook. These include everything that must be available in and on, or around the stand of your bedside. You can display any items and different combinations for the décor and then search and create and take notice to the tiniest details for your bedroom in order to add personality and charm. Below are some tips to enhance the theme and jazz up the nightstand in your space.

1. Odd Numbers Work Well

Using three, five, seven, or perhaps eleven is fine. Accessories and various items that you use will make the nightstand an inseparable part of the room. To dress the table and to accentuate the your vision, you can use little pieces of home décor. Each stand will have more interesting feature when added with odd number than just two items. Anyway, in order to balance a table, you never know how many pieces you will need.

2. The key is balance

Balance is influential. Using multiple items are not always they key to balance. For instance, using two or three smaller items can balance a bigger lamp. Provide complete decoration for the table but don’t make it look lopsided.  Each corner requires full attention.

3. Variations must be stylish

You can use items with various shapes, sizes, and heights. The look of these variations are so stylish and catch the attention of the fashion lovers. To jazz up the personality, use various heights and sizes and then come with something tall and thin, as well something big and short. Use tall frames, flat books, skinny vases, and bit lamps because they are easy to find.

4. Give More Textures

Items such as pins, bowls or bracelets, trinkets with funky shape, old books, seashells, fresh flowers, pieces of ocean coral, and family memories stored in frames add more spunk compared to a flat stacks or a plain magazines, this generic lamp will make a design element has more texture than before. Several textures used at the sime time will add personality and make things attractive.

5. Theme selection is significant

Don’t let your mind drift off on some themes. Committing to a theme is essential. The process of displaying the items will be far easier. Your option can be rather monochromatic, vintage, eclectic, contemporary, retro or even beachy, just stick to whatever you like.


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