6 Bedroom Window Treatments Idea

The bedroom is an important element of the house, this space should be personal so you can enjoy your quality time in the night. Beside of that, the windows also play a role in your house. Whatever you do with the windows in your bedroom, they can set the feel and the style of the entire space. Choosing any style is okay but the most important is that you should treat the windows with something that fits your expectation.

Below are some wonderful options and we wish they could work for you to allow you to escape from your daily routines for some peacefulness.

1. Beautify the bedroom

To have a clean and fine place, use drapery panels with solid colors and then followed with something simple. They add simple décor to the bedroom but won’t stand out very long.

2. Use movable things

Use movable things as room partitions such as curtain, chiffon, or silks and the result is a romantic, whimsical, and ethereal hideaway. You can enjoy a great window, a natural ethos and an organic view from the sheemess.

3. Double Height Ceilings

You maybe jealous to those who are lucky enough to have double height ceilings, but what you would do with them? Create a rich and extraordinary space with extra long curtains. if your ceilings in the bedroom are higher enough, add the height and give extra punch to that room with curtains.

4. Use patterns and be daring

Perhaps your bedroom is sleek but you may want that area to have an extra oomph. Maybe you want to sleep somewhere in a small heaven thus you must make your bedroom look artsy and highly eclectic. Without being too extravagant, use partterns that will create something fashionable and very stylish.

5. Enhance the dark side

Want to make your bedroom feel cozy and relaxing? Try to complement the soothing colored walls with some dark curtains, thus you can sleep well each day. Use some lighter hues to balance out the darkness.

6. The shades of modern roman

Use some Roman shades to obtain something poshy. Use patterned roman shades with neutral or solid color to add shine and sleek on a bedroom with modern style.


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