6 Cool Ways To Stencil

Wallpapers and paints are no longer popular for wall decoration. Now, people prefer to use stencil than wallpaper and paint for a more fashionable style in their house. Stenciling can be your only way to  make your house look much better. For the best results, you need to know several techniques of stenciling for use in your house, and you can do it by yourself or depend on someone else in performing the stenciling work.

Some techniques are available to make your walls blend or pop. In addition to that, other ways are also available for making your house look blend or pop with the work of stenciling.

Use these tips for stenciling your house with satisfactory results:

1. Patterns.
If you don’t like using wallpaper for your wall decorations, stenciling is a perfect way to do that. The results of stenciling can make your house look much richer and fancier. Stencile is not the same as wallpaper because you are free to decide the color options as you like. One more thing, when you can add a sign of heart or a hidden flower, or an additional dot, you have the creativity that not everyone has.

2. Cushions
Other than walls, you can use stenciling for decorating your pillows or cushions. Common pillows will have more energy and the feel of edgy to the space. In short, use several applications on the same media to obtain festive atmosphere.

3. Dresser Drawers
In order to get a stylish look, your dresser drawers can be decorated with stencil. The design and colors are up to you. The work is so easy to do. The stencil will do all the work once you have sprayed a can, or you can do it personally too.

4. Use Carpets
Experimenting with carpets is fun and joyfull. Just buy a regular carpet from local store, then grabb some paints and the result is amazing. Make any ornament as you like, this can be a word like, “welcome” or perhaps a design or a pattern.

5. Create Your Own Design
I would consider that design is also important. When you repeat it then it turns into a pattern. Your walls can be given a pattern with a stencil in one place or perhaps in multiple locations for surprises.

6. Put a Frame to it
Make a picture on the wall using a stencil and provide it with frame. The size can be small or bigger. This idea is so nice and original. This is a way to get more style to your house.


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