6 Creative Ways to Use Brooches In Home Decor

They look pretty and feminine. They look rustic  and vintage. They can look trendy and modern. They can be childish and dainty too. They can be anything that we want them to be, especially if we have the ones that fit the vision of our house thus we’re fortunate enough. Brooches are specific materials that you can choose to liven up your house décor but in the same time they also serve as a means to spruce up an outfit. Of course when placed on a purse, sweater, or on a hat they look great. Especially the crannies and the nooks that look adorable.

1. Dress up a curtain back or a plain napkin ring

I’ve gone through these topics lately and I can say that this has been the most popular DIY trending these days. Purchase some napkin rings with attached do dads plus some cheaper and  plainer rings with napkins and do the funky trick with your lovely brooches. (Note : napkin rings are useful for tying back curtains).

2. Beautify your pillow

You have come with a brand new pillow when you slap on a sparkly brooch. It is interesting to note how fast a simple pillow can change from a brooch. Usully it takes up to 30 seconds.

3. Change the look of your lamp

Usually, lampshades have a plain design. Create the transformation by adding a brooch. You can do this easily and there’s no reason not to do because of its easiness. You are free to choose the brooch and it will make your lamp look brighter with a combination of colorful piece, floral, or sparkly.

4. Create a wreath

This vintage piece is quite popular, easy and fast to make. You only need some old brooches and then begin to make this piece of home décor, in feminine style. Make one for yourself and check out this DIY.

5. A mirror and line

This project is in progress, the work is not far from using brooches to cover the frame of a mirror to maintain the existing natural light that come from the reflection. A space becomes more illusive and filled with glow when added with mirrors, and with colorful or sparkly brooches, the benefit are enhanced. What you need to do is to arrange them in order. A hot gun with glue. Only that simple.

6. Stick them to the fridge

Trying to replace the boring and the same magnets on the fridge? Do you need a small pick me up in the kitchen. In a matter of minutes you will get a very fashionable for the fridge with a magnet strip, glue, the pin, and a brooch.


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