6 Creative Ways To Use Scarves Around The House

You might not want to believe this but around the house, scarves can come in handy. A scarf is perfect for updating and house decorating because they come in various prints, shapes, color, and sizes, the price itself is affordable. There are some DIY projects that you can try yourself and to make you a skilled craftsmen. Find some good printed scarves or use some of your unused or your older scarves. Be creative and do these projects yourself.

Follow these tips to use your scarves around the house. Take a close look and do the tricks.

1. Banister garland or party banners

Make yourself a banner from any collectible vintage pieces around you. Use this for the dining area, to add some sunshine to your kitchen, for your family dinner, as well the upcoming house party. Your house can look more stylish with this addition, or make this to jazz up the banister of your stair or used as garland.

2. Slight headboards

A headboard can be made of your lovely scarf if you want a flirtier and lighter feel. You just have to put it on the wall and display it. To tie the room together and to make it a focal point, use fun and colorful patterns. You might also want to create a stack of scarves by framing some of your lovely scarves.

3. Cool throw pillows

Make your throw pillows more funky by adding personality using your cool scarves. To make it happen, you must have a thread (perhaps a sewing machine) and a needle.

4. Refine your chairs

Add a light scarf to your existing chairs so they look more adorable and cheerful. All is up to you, you can make a pretty bow or have it thrown over one shoulder, or create a sash by tying it.

5. Quilts from your scarves

Make a playful and a colorful quilt if you have lots of scarves or great with the sewing machine. To any bedroom, this will be a fantastic focal point and of course good enough when used at night.

6. Lovely drapes

To get yourself some kind of lovely drapery, you can knot or sew your scarves together, in you cry for the tied up and fun curtains as well an electic partition in your room. It will look good for any room, light, and whimsical.


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