6 DIY Rustic Backsplashes Kitchen

A kitchen can look so boring right? When it happens, what would you do? Well, you can change the feel and the look of your kitchen by using backsplashes. You can use a backsplash as replacement to making a room makeover in your kitchen, primarily if you don`t need to replace or change everything.

Today’s kitchen is closer to homey feel and rustic look. Consider some best options and choose your favorite one. Some themes that are quite popular today is the organic view and themes with country flavor. Give your kitchen a better look this week by applying DIY backsplashes with Rustic style

1. Additional support using shipping pallets
This option is not so costly. A rustic vibe from a backsplash can be made from used shipping pallets (or perhaps some salvaged wood). For perfection, use different schemes of colors that will blend with the materials. There still a nuance of pop from it (searched on designsponge).

I’ve been falling for rocks and stones for years and try to use them for decorations. Using rocks and stones can be your choice when you want to get a rustic look, especially if you have gone through some tutorials. Stones and rocks give our houses organic look and give textures as well surprises to walls in your house.

2. Use Green Tiles
To get the natural freshness and soothes, use green tiles. Use green tiles together with wooden kitchen decorations primarily with those that have rustic vibe. This will give a whole new look to your kitchen and freshness all over the side. (searched on dwell)

3. Use Chicken Wire
When you need to do something by yourself, you can make a backsplash out of a chicken wire. You can do this with ease. In order to get a rustic look, perhaps your best option is using a chicken wire. You can create any form from the chicken wire.

4. Glass pebbles
You can rely on pebbles from glass if you want to escalate the rustic edge. These pebbles are available in plenty of colors and you can work on this excellent DIY with lots of easiness. Just be creative in pouring your ideas

5. Burlap Is Excellent
Because of its versatility, many people fond of using burlaps, especially for those who like rustic vibes. When mixed with a lot of recipes, this burlap backsplash is not only nice but also adorable (searched on diynetwork).

You don’t have to be so knowledgeable in this field to do everything by yourself. You only need your creativity in working with these backsplashes. Believe in yourself and trust your hands in conducting the makeover. Make yourself a specialist. Stick to your choice if you love that organic and vintage look and don’t go over the top.


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6 Photos of the 6 DIY Rustic Backsplashes Kitchen

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