6 Quirky DIY Button Decor

When you look for accessories other than the clothes department, you should consider choosing buttons. If you do it right, they can be fashionable, chic, sweet, and quirky, and yes… we can do it at home. Other than adding more personality to your house, using buttons can be a great way to use your imagination and creativity. Especially for cute DIY and fun projects. Out there, there are a lot of different tutorials and DIY’s. Its now your turn to be creative because out there more and more people have become crafty thanks to Pinterest. Check the following DIYs and pick one that you like in terms of stylish and fun button décor.

1. Monograms and Button Initials

Create something personal with some buttons, and a canvas. You can go crazy matching and mixing a color scheme or use a theme. What you need is plenty of buttons, a canvas, some glue, and some paint. This DIY is not too costly and this is the best part, it can be made with ease.

2. A clock with button

This project is adorable, perfect for a playroom, a funky kitchen, a craft room, or a kitchen. Again, this DIY is affordable and very easy to make. Create this DIY and check the tutorial from Martha Stewart.

3. Magnets with button

I must say that this idea is very genius. Take some magnet slabs and some buttons and then glue them, this idea is perfect for fridge or a memo board. This can be tried by your kids.

4. Pillow décor with button

Add buttons to spruce up some drab pillows. You can also make clouds or some flower design, slap them on a print, or monogram them. Be creative and get out of the sewing kit.

5. Cabinets with buttons

Looking for some quirky thing? Update your old cabinet with buttons. Use various colored buttons to cover and frame the windows.

6. Frames and button line

Add buttons to your picture frames for more personality. Change the look of your ordinary frame with this idea and make them stand out among the crowds and then hang them on the walls somewhere on the house.

These ideas are just some of what we know. With buttons  you can do whatever you want, you can spruce up the existing ambience of a room or add something new. Let us know how your button crafting looks like, have fun okay.


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6 Photos of the 6 Quirky DIY Button Decor

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