7 Best Tips For Using Striped Furniture

Stripes make a fine home décor and you can decorate with them if you have more opportunity. They look fun and extremely versatile. They make a room look larger, taller, and longer. With them you can add depth to the floors. They give you a lot more personality even to rooms with small sizes. What would you say if the stripes are taken off the walls and used for the furniture? To find out the effect we need to use the stripes on our cushions and couches. Below are some tips to inspire you in creating something lovely for your home this week.

1. Unusual places and bold statements

For unusual places you can use a combination or rich and high contrasting colors such as turquoise, grey, chocolate and pink, Black and white. Adorn your comfy chair with them on a small cabinet sts or a muted study in a bathroom with monochromatic for some additional design and surprise.

2. Big spaces, masculine and thick stripes

For your bigger spaces, use thicker stripes in neutral colors. With this method you can breath freely as if the room looks bigger than before and bring masculine energy.

3. Horizontal stripes and retro rad

Stripes are appropriate for your bedroom, it gives a mod appeal and a retro rad, its just work well in any circumstances. You can enjoy all your work by placing a loveseat and a great chair in the corner of your bedroom.

4. Feminine charm with pastel hues

Give your striped furniture cuter and lighter colors. It will make the room more adorable and brings girlish charm.

5. Create A more homey home with homey lines

Sometime sticking to the classics can be better. A house will feel more cozy when added with thinner lines and neutral colors.

6. More appeal toward fashion is a hint

Without being exaggerated you may want to use something unique to your home. A more chic look toward fashion can be created with stripes in a subtle manner.

7. Adjust your patterns and textures

You can mix patterns and textutres with stripes. If you want to make a playful and eclectic room you should try this idea, mix stripes with linens and patterned furniture and other texture materials.


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