7 Clever Ways To Organize Ribbon

Having a little nook or a whole craft room is a fantasy for the crafty souls where they keep their crafty stuffs there. But keeping things organized is the key to inspiring creativity, so we have to emphasize that. This includes the collection of your frilly and lovely ribbons.

Crafters have a lot of ribbon. Glitter and a hot glue gun are the staple piece for a crafter. If you consider youself a crafter you wouldn’t let everything messy, you must keep everything  tidy and neat. A lot of ribbon become missing and untouched, they get tangled and lost. Use these stylish, nifty, and fun ideas to organize all your ribbons and ready to use in seconds.

1. Take a dowel

Look for brackets and held a dowel there then place there your spools of ribbon. With this method looking for your ribbon is a piece of cake and can be grabbed easily when you need it for another project.

2. Use a basket.

As pictured here, look for a basket like this and make sure it has some tiny holes. With this you can place almost two rolls of spools of ribbon and push each thread down the holes so it can be snagged easily.

3. Use a drawer.

Use a drawer if you have one. It makes your ribbon out of sight and stashed away in neat but never let it bustle in a messy craft room till it lost and out of sight.

4. Hang them up

To make the clutter unseen you can hang the spools up, this way is very great. Take a hanger with several bars then let them slide on (based on your preference of dimension).

5. Canisters can be used too

Purchase some slotted clothes pins from wood then grab your ribbon from the spool. Around the pins then wrap the ribbon and then keep them inside a cute canister.

6. Use straws then store them

For that straw canister with vintage, you should look for another use. Use this for keeping your ribbons. This is extremely cute and very easy.

7. Free up the mess.

Freeing up the mess is another way of using the canister while keeping the creative chaos in a pinch. Grab thos extra yards of ribbon, then throw all of them into a pot and eureka.


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