7 Different Items To Use To Make A Collage

Implementing your creativity and imagination is fun, especially in creating collages.  In this project your skill level is not that important, everyone can do this project. You must know that we don’t use collages only for paper based products because collaging can be used in many other ways, such as around the house.

Collages provide some artsy ethos and enliven the space up, you can place it in your hallways, on a sidetable, near a work desk, and on a bedroom.

Below are items that have something to do with collages, these options are great for you.

1. Mirrors

Whether you realize or not, mirrors make a major flair and add natural light, they also make the room seem larger. Create yourself a mini masterpiece by designing the collage and then pair them up. My favorite is the frameless mirrors, they make the walls look bigger.

2. Frames

Frames are good for displaying vacation or family photos, but you can use them for other things too. Display the cool frames in a cluster and they will bring more style to every room.

3. Family photos

Show off the photos of your family in an eclectic and lovely way. The method is using collaging. Use all photos that you like best to make an art piece and you have a wall to dressed up.

4. Doilies

Make something fancy and update your doilies. Without having to feature that old stigma or appeal attached to the doilies, this option is great to show off and showcase these pretty things.

5. Flowers

The placement of the collages are not always on the wall, you can place them on the table too. To make the collage the centerpiece of the room, use vases and  an array of flowers. This technique is perfect for bridal shower, and a dinner party because it looks dainty and beautiful.

6. Albums of record

Have you listened to some old records lately? Create a savvy collage for the headboard for the livingroom or the bedroom. First, take the covers of those albums. It will be agood way to show off your music and become a lovely piece of conversation.

7. Bottles From glass

Use a collage of glass bottles from those displayed on the windows, on the table, and  in the kitchen, the flavor is vintage and rustic. Put everything up in such a feminine style where you used to put it in the trash can. To some of the bottles, you may want to add one or two flowers in the spring time.


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