7 DIY Ways To Do Newspaper Decorating

Getting the newspaper and read the news every morning is great. But have you ever thought of recycling it? Well it is a good idea, but we have a more genius idea if we use the newspaper for redecorating your house. With the newspapers you can add more storages to your home and create new items for the household. With reusable material, you don’t need magic to decorate your house. All newbies can do these DIY projects, all you have to do is choosing which project you want to do first.

Follow these 7 tips to decorate your home with newspaper. Once you’re ready to start then use your creative imagination in your work.

1. Cover the entire wall and don’t be scared

The newspaper is made of paper you know, so it can work like wallpaper. Cover all space in your office or one wall in your bedroom with your old pieces of newspapers. It’s more than just creative but a little modern and electic. And of course, eco-friendly.

2.  DIY wreaths from newspaper

They can be used in all season because they are natural. This little and fun DIY can be done with your hands if you happen to catch the crafty bug. The colors of this cutesy is not too excessive but still chic and boast feminine ambience. Make another type of wraths other than the rose idea (tutorials can be downloaded in the content pages).

3. Create an exigent side table

I’ve tried this with books but haven’t tried the newspaper. It doesn’t have to be to overpowering but can bring a bit of an edge, not too costly but very easy to do. This DIY is typical of a little surprise but adorable and waiting to be uncovered.

4. Add your switch plates with soe oomph

You can handle this little DIY project. This DIY is eco friendly and simple to do. The part of your house which seldom get any attention will have a little more surprise.

5. Create wall art personalization

This DIY is recommended for you especially if you love wall art décor. Get one for yourself. Get yourself something that present who you are and catch your attention and exhibit it.

6. Provide a face lift to your lamp shade

Use some newspaper to cover imperfections and stains. You mustn’t make this facelift too kitschy but try to make it noticeable in the way you can. (for more info, check this out).

7. Provide a mirror with a frame

Read this tutorial and change the look of your mirror into something more beautiful. The mirror must have more lights, edge and textures. The presecence will be a focal point of the room.


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