7 Funky Ways To Update Your Chest of Drawers: Ideas & Inspiration

When you have used your drawers for a long time, they will look old and unfashionable. A makeover is necessary to overcome this issue, the solution is done by removing some nicks and bangs. Make it happens by using some easy and inventive ways.

Create something unusual and stands out while you’re redecorating the house, it has to be new and original. Below are seven cool ways to update your drawers and the chest.

1. Use a retro look

With this project you can make a room more alive by bringing a retro style to everything you see in the room. This idea is good for your kids’s bedrooms, for a craft room or a hallway. For a makeover, adding a retro look to your chest of drawers is always a good idea.

2. Use inspirational idea

Be courageous and bold. Use what you believe to be inspirational then take into action. Make something artsy and playful with this tutorial. Have fun with your ideas and use your favorite colors with plenty of shades.

3. Something glamorous and uber feminine is nice

Perhaps your girl needs something girly and lovely. Or perhaps you need something more than just some clothes from high rank boutique. You can do it with this DIY. For fixing an old chest, what you need is some beautiful mirrors.

4. Organization with words

Words are necessary for goods keeping. Make something 3D and forget those boring maker for label. Your chest that already look worn out will become new, the process is fun and you will find what you need quicker.

5. Use stripes for a sleek result

For anyone and anyroom, adding some sleek stripes with a new coat of paint would be great, especially when done in a little boys room to a particular chest. A chest in red with white and black stripes are great right? Perhaps even yellow stripes on light pink?

6. Lovely things to add

Add things that remind you to beauty such as buttons, stickers, flowers, and knobs. Choose everything that you like such as adding a new coat of paint. Compared to before, these additions seemed better and fresh, as well funky.

Wonders from Stencils work

It is fabulous if you can make something magical with your hands, you are super crafty. Wonders from stencils work apply because not everyone is lucky. Take some pretty designs and give stencil, add your house with something epic.

Your chest of drawes need some update and you can do this with some simple ways. Provide new finishes and paint. Replace the knobs and give the wood some stain. Remember, the old look of the chest mustn’t hamper you from giving a new look to it. You can make it new again with some ways.

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