7 Quick Breakfast Nook Decorating Tips

Your breakfast nook has to feel inviting and cozy all the time no matter what sort of style you choose to use. A nook is just a nook, remember that. It means you have to use the small space creatively. Just keep the quaintness and you don’t have to make it bigger.

Breakfast nooks are used by many for a romantic dinner, for reading the Sunday paper, having a fresh cup of coffee while you watch your kids playing in the backyard or for your grown up childrens to curl up while spending the afternoon with their favorite books and retreated in another part of the house.

The following are useful tips for you to make good use of the breakfast nook to be more usable for everyone.

1. Every bit of natural light is significant

Benefitting from the pouring lights of the sun while enjoying the breakfast in the morning is a very wonderful experience, right? enjoy the skies in the evening and the rises of the sun by opening up the windows. Yes it gives a welcoming ambience and more space to this small area.

2. Use more color

A breakfast nook should make everyone happy and delighted. There is no wrong to provide more colors and to mix and match as you like. To make it feels cosy, playful and casual you can use pillows with a lot of fun hues. What you already have shall be enhanced with the correct scheme of color.

3. Take care of the floor

Rugs are influential. The nook will pop when provided with more details and surprises. The spot will be preferred by everyone. To pump up décor and the style, use a rug to cover the floor from scratches.

4. Beautiful flowers are lovely all the time

What can exceed a vase of fresh flowers with beautiful look? Please notice that flowers bring natural beauty to every house thus use as many as you want.

5. Use various kinds of seats

To keep the nook cozy, causal, and fun, you must use various types of seating. To cushioned the window seat in the bay, use a couple of table chairs with regular size and a comfy love chair. More people will enjoy the space as you bring benches to the room.

6. Theres no wrong with simplicity

Having some windows are amazing, but you have to keep its simplicity. And that is good. The wonderful view is not going to go away except if you use chairs, and a dainty set of table.

7. Bring in romance with whimsical curtains

We urge you to add romance with sheer and whimsical curtains to the windows. If you add the appropriate ones they would look pretty because they are flirtatious. With this idea you give warm ethos and movement to the space.


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