8 Adorable Ribbon Decor DIY’s

Ribbons can be turned into playful, whimsical, and fun objects. You can use it for many different purposes and many different pieces of home décor. Any DIY can be incorporated with ribbons and here we show you some of the loveliest DIY décor that use a lot of these lopping strands.

1. Curtains from trimmed ribbon

Add subdued curtains with pizzazz and some pop. Add a personality and color with a bit of ribbon to the trim treatment of your window. Once you finish adding the ribbon, the curtains becoming more playful and stylish.

2. Artistic scraps of ribbon

Even if you don’t think yourself a great crafter, many people tend to have some collection of ribbons. Usually we use ribbons to tie up gifts, give our kids some bows and sometime we leave a basket of scrap of ribbon lying around because they still too pretty to be thrown away. Framing the leftovers is the solution. This piece is such an artistic fun for the wall.

3. Clips cover from pallet

You can make a lot of things from clothespin clips. You can use them for hanging cute pictures or holding chip bags clothes, if you want you can also combine it with a magnetic slab on the fridge for holding up the emergency phone numbers. Create an artistic style with the lovely ribbon by covering the clips to prevent them from turning brown and become boring.

4. Lined pillows from ribbon

Adding some cute details to pillow is fun. Nothing is as fun as buying a solid and colored lined pillows at a local store and then begin decorating them. Turning something dull into something with a stylish appeal is a great thing, especially in adding a design with ribbon.

5. Rimmed lamp shades from ribbon

This is extremely cute and also very easy. Take a piece of ribbon with appropriate size and then provide the rims of your lamp shade with lines. It doesn’t matter just use one or both. The style is instanious.

6. Wall décor hanger

Use ribbon to hang all your wall décor, it is better than using a nail. Probably this is the simplest DIY you could handle. It can be done easily.

7. Curtains tied with ribbons

Ribbon tied curtains just work well whether used as tie hooks or as tie backs. Letting them hang is a dainty way to add a mixture of color.

8. Ribbon wreaths.

Ribbon wreath is so adorable but rather consume much time. Appropriate for the bedroom of a little girl, for the front door or your crafty space, this DIY is very stylish and fun.


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