8 Creative Ways To Decorate With Maps

A sense of exploration and adventure is brought with the majestic maps. With maps, any space can have a more nostalgic flair while you busy yourself with dreams and imagination.  Your convenience, your likes, your personality and everything about you is reflected in your home. Metaphorically or Literally, everywhere we want to go, maps will take us there.

Maps are so versatile and good for decoration because maps have various sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. In decorating your private space or your house, you can use the following bright ideas and inspirations. Decorating with maps is not only fun and unique but also advantageous for you.

1. Let people know where you want to go

When accompanied with tutorials like this, DIY projects can be so much fun, cute, and stylish. Your comfortable bedroom or office space is great with this addition. The maps can tell others where you want to go, where your birth place is, or where you’ve been to all these days. This piece not just conveys a story but also look good when seen on one wall.

2. Be earthy

Perhaps simplicity is all that you look for. For instance, use this canvas art. It is a work of art, looks earthy and stylish. (see the site).

3. Use some colors

Consider the little ones to have a wall mural using a map. Everything looks playful and colorful, the kids will not only develop their skills in geography but overall it will extend their knowledge. (visit pinterest).

4. Decorate your lamp shades

Using an old map, put some lines around the shade of your lamp. The shade is a little cozy as an effect from the soft glow. Moreover, it looks vintage and shabby but cute.

5. Trig up your bed or sofa

The maps are earthy and make the house feel cultured and endure to live in, great to turn your sofa or the headboard into a focal point. Make something magical by finding maps with bigger sizes.

6. Make a lamp out of a used globe

Create two new maps from a used globe by cutting in the middle. Start now and use this  tutorial

7. Put some lines on your boxes

Use maps to beautify all your accessories boxes, junk boxes, and your phote boxes. The brown cardboard that used to make you feel bored will be different because it has new style now.

8. Use Maps like Wallpaper

Maps are more colorful than wallpaper but the use is much simpler, the little ones or the bigger ones are just the same. All come with many more colors. Maps decorating ideas are countless. All will add beauty to the space. Your imagination is influential and work as initial reference point. Before you start decorating with maps, check out the remaining photos available in this post.

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13 Photos of the 8 Creative Ways To Decorate With Maps

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