8 Do It Yourself Pallet Coffee Tables

This DIY is made of Pallets, some sort of versatile materials but not intended for this purpose, you can find these materials around you. All kinds of furniture can be made from Pallets because it can be repurposed with ease. Now we’ll talk about coffee tables but you can find more inspiring ideas on pallet designs from our different articles on this theme. Our projects are using pallets and we have a wide variet of DIY projects. Below are some coffee tables ideas, take a close look at them :

1. Solid Wood Table With Varnish

Industrial pallets are inspiring this coffee table and made of solid wood with varnish. Furniture with pallet. We can see the emergence of pallet inspired furniture because pallets have become a worldwide trend these days. This version has a high quality and topped with hardened glass, is one of the coolest model. You can move the table freely because it has four wheels in it. The design of this table was made by House Doctor DK.

2. Diverse materials, the same model

Which table inspired by which is quite difficult to say. Table no 1 inspired this model and was developed by House Doctor DK. The circle becomes vicious as pallet coffee tables inspired that table, just like that. The same a the previous one, this table is also beautiful no matter what the case is, the only difference lie on the materials used and the only rustic look that it has.

3. Pallet table for the outdoor

To be complete what you need for your deck or patio is a DIY pallet table. This doesn’t cost very much and very easy to make. For instance, two wood pallets are used for this model. To have more flexibility in the design four wheels were added once they were secured together and placed on top of the other.  That table had a dark look from a grey stain addition. This movable outdoor table was the result, a recommended choice to patio furniture.

4. The living room with white pallet table

The best thing about the pallet coffee tables is they can be made easily and they have an eclectic appearance. So when you go to a shop and find something you like then you can copy the shape easily without spending too much money. You can recreate it in the way you want and adapt its design. One day the owner saw something on the internet and used the inspiration in this table. Two stacks of pallets on top of another are used in this white coffee table. For a distressed look, white paint and a mix of water were used to wash them.

5. Cofee table with Marrakech style

Ethnic design is seen from this coffee table, it also made of pallets. You can recreate it easily and use arrakech’s culture and colors as the inspiration. A wooden pallet is all you need but the pallet has to be in fine condition. Right under the board, two pieces of thin hardboard must be attached then use low grade sandpaper to roughtly sand the wood. You can add a finish with wax or use concrete to fill the cracks if you want the coffee table to have a more contemporary appearance.

6. Pallet table with flag colors

You can show your patriotism in a creative way using a pallet coffee table. With a flag colored pallet table like this one, you can commemorate the indepence day. The design of the table is very simple and consist of four caster wheels and two stacks of pallets on top of another. First, the pallets and its whole surface must be given white paint. Then begin to paint the flag. Be sure that you have measure the scale. Use a stencil to make it easier, preferably for the stars. Before applying a new coat of paint make sure that they dry completely.

7. Less than 30 minutes for making a pallet coffee

Pallets are used for many types of coffee tables, the process is easy and don’t take much time except if your paintjob is too difficult or the design is too complex. In less then half an hour you can make this table. The cost of this coffee table is not too expensive as the whole material used for this is pallets. Pallet is used in all parts of the table, the top, the legs are all taken from pallet. For a coffee table, the size is appropriate and they were cut down to 16 inches. The owner can save more money and time as the table was left unfinished so it had a white look with natural color.

8. Pallet table with eclectic style

Wood pallets used for a table will have a rustic feel. The cause is the original design and the material of  the pallet. By adding simple details and color you can make a pallet table feel more modern. Before you use the pallet, you will have to adjust it to make the feel more modern. The wooden slats shall be removed and put them back so between them there are no gaps. The lines also have to smoothen and the design has to be made more simple. Like you see in the pictures you can add four legs and have them painted with bright colors. Like this table, the clients wanted the patina on the pallets and the old nails and then reuse them for a modern look with rustic style.


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9 Photos of the 8 Do It Yourself Pallet Coffee Tables

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