A Batch of Unique, Alternative Headboards: #1

Perhaps the size of your bulky bed and the headboard is too big for your small bedroom. To liven up your private space you may want to add something stylish and abit different. Probably you don’t want to spend a penny for a bed with a headboard or you may not want to pay at all. There are several ways to give a space various décor no matter what the case is. Usually the most stylish options are the best alternative.

This time we want to share our first alternative to headboards, the first unique batch. Some of these DIY can be purchased and you get the style that you wait for most.

1. Length and tapestries

This option is simple and relaxing and could be the one that you like. Based on the fabric design and the print, you can add any style. With the tapestry you can add length to your headboard. For contemporary style choose a solid print while for something unique, choose a funky print. Have fun and choose many different directions as you go.

2. Add Texture with re-purposed wood

A headboard with typical design will have a whole new style when added with slabs of wood. Compared to the common headboard, it is more organic, more eclectic, and more vintage. Create wonderful things with re-purposed wood in various textures, shapes, and colors.

3. Add sparkle with beads or strands

Sparkle and surprise often come from a headboard with beads and strands additions. When set up in the appropriate manner, this idea works for a feminine feel, a sense of modernity. To get that funky feel or a defined look, use more strands.

4. An element of design from screens

Creating a headboard from screens is cost effective option, (you can buy them at a flea market), different from others, they can add an element of design, and a posh. Make your bedroom more artistic and fashionable with the shabby chic vibe, depending on the particular screen and the intricacies of the room design.

5. More Light and space with mirrors

This trick is used to make a small bedroom looks spacious than what it actuall is. Mirrors when used as a headboard add more light to an enclosed, small space because it makes the room more open.

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