A chic DIY gilded drum pendant lamp

If you want your home to be modern but with a touch of rustic and to be simple and yet to stand out, this lamp would be a great addition. It’s a pendant lamp that you can make yourself. It’s not a project where you start from scratch. You’ll need a pendant lamp to start with and the idea is to transform it and to personalize it by giving it the opportunity to spark.

The lamp that was used in this particular example was an IKEA Kulla Pendant Lamp. It looked nice but it also had the potential of becoming a little more eye-catching. To transform the lamp as in the example you’ll need 2 packs of gold leaf sheets, spray adhesive, spray sealer, a can of 18kt gold plate spray paint and foam brushes. First wipe the interior surface of the lamp with a clean, dry cloth and spray a small area with the adhesive. Wait 20 seconds and then place a square of gold leaf sheet directly onto the surface. It needs to be with the wax side up.

Next, repeat the process until you cover the entire interior. Make sure the interior is smooth. You’ll probably have some gaps and bubbles but it can all be fixed with the gold plated spray paint. Just spray the affected areas and the problem will be solved. Let it dry for about 10 minutes and then apply the spray sealer. You’ll need to apply two coats of sealer and to let them dry completely. Now the lamp is complete.{found on hautekhuuture}.

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