A monastery turned into a residential loft by JM Architecture

JM Architecture developed this Como Loft project in Milan, Italy. This place is used to be a monastery but then used as a residential complex. We can’t imagine how a building like this is a transformation from a monastery. The old history of the building almost has no trace and radical change is seen on the metamorphosis.

In 2012 the project was done. In terms of internal structure and design, major changes had to be made so the monastery was remodeled. Inside the building, the resulting spaces is this apartment. This apartment was created by adjoining two adjacent units so its really a duplex. Details that permit us to look at the original structure of the apartment are the ceiling direction and difference in height.

The architects attempted to influence the space as minimally as possible when combining both of the units to form a duplex. Each structure of the apartment is made more functional and also preserved by the architects. Any radical change is avoided because they want the space to be cohesive and inside the apartment an enclosed box was inserted. It has two bathrooms and a small bedroom. A small foyer also exist on the duplex, a large gallery that includes a master bedroom, the dining room, the kitchen, and the living spaces. The décor of the interior is bright and minimalist. A projector that works images on the wall on top of the kitchen is used to replace old decorations and traditional artwork.


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