A sustainable dual community in London

Not too long ago there was a project in London, England and Edgley Design was chosen to run the project. The clients had two building there and they owned it for few years. They concluded that the buildings were  old fashioned and modernization was necessary. Therefore they began the construction work early in 2011. They felt the need for a new transformation of the building but also wanted to preserve some vital structure to maintain the character.

A plan emerged from the cooperation of the clients and the architects. The plan was to make two separate bedroom and to make an artist studio by knocking down the available studio room. similar footprints were shared in both of the structures  The inspiration used for the studio was taken from the industrial sheds and applied in a metal box that looked shiny. The inner side of the studio is given less decoration but the industrial side is imposed on the exterior. But still, it has a domestic impression.

The major part of the building was made as a rubber clad box with black color. Now the studio looks very bright and charming. When you go inside the house, you will find a calm and relaxing condition which is perfect for serenity. And thanks to the light from the roof and the internal courtyard, the rooms become very bright. Privacy and completeness is filling the room. A terrace is both connecting as well separating the two buildings. The site is not fully exposed to the exterior so the area outside the building is so lovely.

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8 Photos of the A sustainable dual community in London

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