All Saints Chapel in Brazil – Best Place to Find Inner Peace

At certain time in our life, we face difficulties related to emotional problems, economic problems, and financial problems.  Yet we believe that we are not far from solutions, there still a place which inspire us energy, love, and optimism. We called this place “the house of god”, the church is where we turn. Personal factors such as anxiety, health problems, may contribute to these hard moments.

You can find a peace of mind at All Saint Chapel, a chapel located in Marrtinho Campos, Brazil, designed by Gustavo Penna. This construction appears in modern design, constructed of wood, glass, and concrete. The shape of the chapel imitates a very huge cross and the elements represent various events. The people are represented by the horizontal line, earth and sky are represented by the vertical line, and the symbol of origin is symbolized by the source of water. Wood is used to symbolize protection and shelter while the areas around the chapel are considered as inseparable part of all events that take place here.

When you see the building’s design you’ll see that it looks very modern, but when you look into the huge cross, you will notice the religious symbols and its sacred functions. At the same time, you sense the union between god and nature as you see the large windows. You’ll also feel that you are protected from all terrible things when you see the wood interior and the shape of the cross.


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5 Photos of the All Saints Chapel in Brazil – Best Place to Find Inner Peace

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