Amazing Hayon Bathroom suite from ArtQuitect Edition by Jaime Hayon

The recent trend in new bathroom culture has begun, obviously seen when the bathroom fixtures changed into element of art. This is what you get with the recent Hayon Bathroom Suite by ArtQuitect Edition. All these mirrors, tables, and the terrific sinks are all the major part of the first collection of ArtQuitect Edition by Jaime Hayon, A known Spanish designer with international recognition. The inspirations behind this chic bathroom is to bring back the element of elegance from the other times without immolating the touch of modernity both in functionality and shapes.

The trend of elegance is set through the mirrors, the shapes are close to silhouettes with Baroque style, somehow they looked astonishing. This has extraordinary design, looked beautiful with lackered tables from wood in Black or white. These sinks are available in either Black and White, Platinum, Gold, and Bright Yellow, the unusuality is even more dazzling with mirror or a built in lamp. Strictly speaking, the Hayon Bathroom Suite is the milk and honey of the other time. You can buy these sinks at C.P.Hart by paying US$ 4,670 or 2,522 in British Pounds. This edition is from ArtQuitect.


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5 Photos of the Amazing Hayon Bathroom suite from ArtQuitect Edition by Jaime Hayon

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