An eco-friendly vacation dome in Scotland

This dome ishidden in a birch forest, located on the edge of a small cliff in Scotland. For the owners of the house, this building serves as a vacation house. The dome provides excellent views for them especially the Castle Stalker and the Sound of Lorne that they can ejoy from the hot tub placed in the outdoor. The surrounding areas seem to blend in with the dome and we feel that the dome is an integral part of the landscape, it seems like already there before.

The dome serves as a vacation retreat and a getaway for the couple Nicola Meekin and Jim Milligan also for everyone who love to do what they call “glamping” that stands for glam camping. The dome is measuring 807 square feet. The structure of this building is like an anchor and it boasts a bold and simple design. It has a single membrane of recycled PVc and a struts from steel. The dome and the area around the surface are given some round windows. These windows allow the natural light to penetrate every room. The membrane is resistant to UV and has opaque shape.

Inside the house, the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. It comes with a low energy oven, a modular furniture, and a freestanding kitchen. In terms of design the rest of the interior is timeless and modern. There is a cedar hot tub outside. Thanks to the portion of the dome that face the sea, the beautiful views can enjoyed from inside the dome. The islands located in the southwest can also be enjoyed from inside of the dome.


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