Avant Guarde Toilet by AquAvanti – Innovations in Toilet Design

Once, when someone needs a toilet, he/she often faced with a question such as “Did you want an elongated or a round bowl with that? These days, your toilet sessions will feel different, the experience will feel like a gallery visit. Companies such as Aquavanti helps us to realize this dream. This company offers innovations and come with the Avant Guarde Toilet as the example. Compared to conventional porcelain with high resistance, this toilet is inserted with sub molecular particles into the glass to obtain more resistance to stain, glossier, and smoother effect, nanoglass technology and vitreous china is provided into this piece of custom toilet.

A system of dual flush is featured into this toilet, a sculptural column of flattened and stacked orbs is replacing the conventional “tank” so extending a sleek and elegant statement into the design, but functionality is not sacrified. A modest cylindrical shape resulted from extended simple lines to the floor around the toilet’s base make you clean the base with ease, the bowl hasn’t even overlooked. When featured with different unique designs from Aquavanti or when incorporated with conventional fixtures for the bathroom, the avant guarde is an amplifier item, truly a combination of aesthetic and practical elements.

Aquavanti really has an exquisite design, a dream come true, as evidenced by other unusual collections and the Avant Garde. Aquavanti will start selling the Avant Guarde Toilet from Januari 2007.


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