Bathroom Faucets from Valpra – high-class Royal and Posh

Searching for a particular faucet regal flair for the bathroom? This bathroom faucets from Valpra by Royal and Posh is going to be your favorite. This faucet is a transition from classic to modern terms as it stands proudly. This Royal faucet has a characteristic of its own. The Royal has a fine and square shape topping, it looks solid with flat surfaces and edges.

The form is also echoed by the handles, and the same shape ended in the nozzle. Using your fingers, you can save up to 95% compared to regular taps of mixer, beside of that the flow of water can be regulated easily using the smooth mechanism that has been patented. Your bathroom comes with a star quality which brought by the posh tap.

Because the handles have the shape of four pointed stars, literally they say a high quality. When you take a closer look, the base of the spout has the shape like a star. These extravagant faucets are from Valpra and developed by Marco Piva.


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4 Photos of the Bathroom Faucets from Valpra – high-class Royal and Posh

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