Bathroom Vanity from Mariner – barrel single & double vanities

This new bathroom has two variants, the first has a single barrel while the other comes with double vanities. This product is designed by Mariner and combined crafted and natural materials, the shape itself is resembling a stocky barrel, completely elegant. With these vanities, a bathroom with transitional interior could be complemented with the natural look of wood. The wood image is so strong and emphasized through the curvy forms of the innate grain of wood.

It doesn’t matter if you like using several types of woods or use a single type of wood. Today, the DIP vanities are urbane and refined because it is topped with flawless basins from porcelain. When you use the vanities, you will feel the sense of togetherness, a unification, replicating the mirrors of the vanity. Contact Mariner and get the feel of this classic piece in the areas of your house.


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2 Photos of the Bathroom Vanity from Mariner – barrel single & double vanities

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