Before and After: Redecorating Using Fabric Wallpaper

You can’t judge peoples’s preferences and tastes, but they can be discussed and be interpreted. Many of us love various type of music, different kinds of colors, and different things. Some people love more items with colors, adore more sophisticated objects, and love simple things. The basic notion is that all of us are unique and different.

The following are some ideas of using fabric wallpaper for redecorating an interior for those who love warm and colored places. You can use yellow fabrics and a floral grey to inspire the place, or transform the look of your office area if you already bored with it.

If you are bored with your office area and want to transform it into a more inspiring place you may use such a floral grey and yellow fabric that you can cover a part of your office wall. The use of fabric that was measured continued on the process and the moulding also given more paints. By using staples, pins then attach them.

A grey paintedrope was used to cover the edge in the outside and also intended to hide the staples. Eventhough a lot of time needed and lots of attention is needed during the process, the result is amazing. Now the place has more ambience than before, you may enjoy it as a brand new place. You can use this project for different interior or perhaps to hide a wall that has gone through an accident.


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7 Photos of the Before and After: Redecorating Using Fabric Wallpaper

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