Black residence by Archiplan Studio

This structure is located in Sarginesco, Italy, is a private residence with strange shape. The project was run by Archiplan Studio, an Italian based architectural company perfected with a contemporary design. The residence has a very appealing design and was done in 2007. The façade is very striking. There is no opening in it, the finish is black and only has an entrance.

The residence is so mysterious when seen from the outside. For a black interior, the look is too unusual. Anyway, this residence is filled with huge glass windows thus a nice balance is come of it, furthermore the light is easily penetrate and brighten the whole interiors. Beside of that, it only has a black facade. The living space is provided with lots of natural light from a small courtyard in the property.

A small inner courtyard became the point where this residence was designed. The structure is about 4 meter in height and look separated from the rest of the world. These spaces seem to be clearly delimitatated by the compact black façade, thus a barrier between the worlds from the other side of these walls and the controlled artificial environment is created. This residence interior is very airy and bright. All spaces on the house are colored in white, the furniture boasts a combination of black and white and all decoration as well its details are kept to a minimum, overall the furniture is simple and modern.


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13 Photos of the Black residence by Archiplan Studio

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