Bold Color Combo Pink & Teal

I tell you the real thing, since I was a kid my favorite combination of color is pink and teal. As a kid, I often asked my parents to give me pink and teal colored furnitures, i still have them for my future kids someday. Pink and teal often seen in a room because they look so fun, energetic, and very bright. For that reason, these colors are so popular. These colors are good for long holidays of the summer because they are cheerful and bold. A very good choice for the summer months.

We want you to be inspired from the photos below especially to include them in your décor. Make your home a little more cheerful than before by providing trays or a few vases, you can also give new upholstery for old chairs, repainting a wall, and so on. With these ways, adding pink or teal in your house is not going to be wrong.

This house comes with a mix of styles and patterns so it has such an extreme character. The 70’s style bright rug has a retro look and contrasted by the traditional bedspread.  The room with other accessories coordinate well and the bed with its pop color seems balanced with the deep teal mat on the framed picture.

This room feels a bit dramatic because the walls are given deep teal color inspired by the sea. Some neutrals with great tones also filling the colorful pillows. The wall is filled with colored paintings in a modern style while freshness is seen from the pink coffee table.

The pillows in this room have a traditional floral patterns complete with stenciled wall, but the teal and pink come with paler tones. This combination of home office/electic living room is completed with accessories and artistic lamps. (the picture is here).

Above, you can see another room featured with teal accent or a light turquoise. For a more expressive tones, a great backdrop is created from walls with pale pink and green pillows with pale lime colors. Furthermore, lighter colors are contrasted by the zebra rug and the ground space is added by the dark color of the bed.

This room is filled with bold design such as the mirrored wall art that look so unique and the chairs with gorgeous upholstery, so I really like this room. For a fun look and a bright atmosphere that welcome everyone to come home, the hot link curtains are provided on the walls with deep teal color.

You mustn’t feel so dramatic like painting the entire wall when you planned to integrate your home with these colors. Bring some colors to your house by simple items like flowers and vases, as shown in this image. You can act as if you were a designer who mix contemporary accessories with traditional chairs (the picture is here).

These colors fill a room with personality because they are so bright and bold, the combination of the color is great as shown above. When you wake up in the morning, you won’t be disappointed because how small or great the additions of these colors, everything seems great.


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14 Photos of the Bold Color Combo Pink & Teal

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