Boxes – a different kind of outdoor lighting from Josep Lluís Xuclà

We know that lighting fixtures for outdoor have the same designs but these new items are completely new in design and looked unique. For instance, such a project is found on Boxes. The outdoor lighting fixture for the boxes project is given ingenious design because the house itself is designed for Vibia, by Joseph Lluis Xucla. The name of the house is derived from the compiled position of three boxes.

Functionality and aesthetics are two elements combined together in this design. A modest solution is used by the designer. The architect start from the basics in order to create this lighting. He comes with this functional piece by turning figures and geometric shapes into a concrete form. The base structure is the bottom box and this unit is a fixed one. Articulations done on the top two boxes. The user can get a desired effect because they can be positioned in any possible manners and rotable to 360 degrees.

You will notice a smart idea behind this lighting fixture. The basic notion is that the fixture was intended for the outdoor spaces where the exposure of lights are varied and so do the position, the lighting fixtures with traditional style are considered inefficient because on top of a structure they only have a bulb. These boxes allow for optimum effect when it is used because the orientation is changeable and that diffusion of the lights is also probable. The boxes have brown finishes and available in white.


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