Cheap DIY Necklace Holder

All jewelries from rings, brooches, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are highly preferred by womens. They often use these jewelries to match with their clothings but sometimes they get bored too quickly and wanted more variations. For that purpose, women often gather jewelries as many as they can. And guess what problem do they face this time? Yes right, they need space for keeping them.

They surely want their jewelries to be well organized thus a single place is required and has the shape of a box. But this storage medium is not functional all the time, for instance, we find hardships in storing necklaces. They often blend with other jewelries and make us difficult to separate them.

If this is your problem, you’d better make a holder for your necklace. Basically, this work is a DIY project and you will have a very nice holder for your necklace and they will be well organized in one fixed place thus you can use and find them with ease. The materials required for this DIY project are some knobs and a flat board. Perhaps you know that this project is not too costly, but more time is required.

If you want, you can use driftwood as a flat board, but some different objects can be used too. The next thing you must do is creating some holes for the knobs, later, get the knobs attached to the board. After the hanger is ready, put it on the wall, then your necklaces can be kept there. (visiblymoved).

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4 Photos of the Cheap DIY Necklace Holder

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