Contemporary La Fontana Italian urinal Urinal from ArtCeram

A very bright color with a splash is revealed on the spherical frames from the La Fontana Urinal From Italy. In terms of style, its appearance is very modern. By means of form and shape the designer tried to impose dynamic tension on this Italian Urinal using simple forms of cubic. The look of a hidden cube with larger size is implied on the La Fontana Urinal as if the wall is penetrated by a mere corner.

Some patterns resembling arrow and a rhythmic motion is offered from the regular forms with geometric size when it is repeated down a wall. The fixture with regular white color is seen from the vivid and vibrant colour of the side panels, on the whole a modern op-art prints is forming the frame of the large open basin inside the smooth front face. For use in residential areas, the La Fontana Urinal with Contemporary style by Art Cream is highly advisable.


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1 Photos of the Contemporary La Fontana Italian urinal Urinal from ArtCeram

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