Contempory Kitchen Island by Key

Don’t you know that fame and fashion can be functional too? You can see the proof in the modern kitchen island by Key. Here you can eat as well having your cake too. The space inside your house will be cheerful from the white façade featured on the y45 kitchen island. A white faucet with modern tone is added on the top so the area looked clean all the time.

The kitchen doesn`t lose its contemporary image because now it has a work surface, and an integrated white sink. Your kitchen utensils will be more complete if you choose stainless steel hardware. The asymmetrical shape of the kitchen island provide two functions, the first is to accommodate all your primary equipments in the kitchen while the rest works as an element of art. When you’re in a hurry, you can get instant access by pulling some stools as a spot which is very convenient. You can also entertain your friends and family as you prepare some meals for them. Visit key for more details.


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6 Photos of the Contempory Kitchen Island by Key

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