Cool and Lovely DIY Recycled Leather & Wood Shelf

Running a DIY project is a very rewarding experience, such as when you simply fix a leak faucet, creating a master bedroom, or when remodeling your kitchen.  Now we bring you the hanging leather shelf, a very nice DIY for your house.

For this project, you may have to prepare 2-4 long belts from leather which are quite easy to find but cost a little expensive, 2 wood boards, a pencil, a measuring ruler/tape, a hammer, nails/some carpet tacks. Start the project by marking both of the boards from bottom and either side on the top, but make sure that all these elements are met. Next, make two loops with identical look and then strap the belts together. Within both loops of the belt then hold the first plank, with the position of the loops at the second mark, and as where you like you can reposition the buckles of the belt and affix the shelves to make sure that their alignment are not the same.

Then right into each bealt hammer three nails. When you have done that, hammer one nail into the front of each board and let the front edge facing forward by flipping the board. Take the second board and place it above the first board. Then in front of the second board, hammer a nail into it. We’re done a little bit more. The boards are safe in place, now measure each one to make sure they have the same size by pulling tight the tops of the loops. You can hang your shelf when the heights of the loops are identical.

Your home will have more flair because this DIY project is so lovely. You can recycle your own shelf to make sure that the shelves have longer nails and straight, with a friend’s help. The work is already complete.


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10 Photos of the Cool and Lovely DIY Recycled Leather & Wood Shelf

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