Cool Book Cubby with Skateboard Wheels DIY

New items can be created from unused objects around your house. Take a look at this book cubby, this was originally a wood crate and wheels from used skateboard, but now it is a beautiful book cubby.  The notion of reusing old stuffs was fantastic. Once they have no use at all, but when they were converted into another form, they became a whole new thing with lots of functionality.

This book cubby was intended for nursery. It can accomodate plenty of little boy’s books , but not entirely full. Perhaps when more books arrive his dad will come with more innovative idea. Well, do you know that any kind of box can be made the same cubby? Yes, the most preferred is a wood box because it lasts very long. The wheels are taken from used skateboard. Because the skateboard was not used anymore, the wheels are taken and used in this book cubby.

There were some marks on the wheels because they have been used for years. It adds to the beauty of the cubby. To fit exactly with the nursery, white paint is used on the wood cube. After that, we must make some holes for the wheels to be placed. The cubby was finished once the wheels were installed. Now, books were ready to be placed on the cubby. This cubby was very practical and simple, it can be moved to any areas on the house and of course, the design is fun and trendy. (Discovered at projectlittlesmith).


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3 Photos of the Cool Book Cubby with Skateboard Wheels DIY

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