Cool Campfire Big Lamp

Campfire is the circumstance where you and your friends sit together around a camp fire for a chat. They sit in a big circle then talk, feel the warm together and have a good time. These activities inspired the name of the Campfire Big Lamp which is a new type of lighting device. The size of this lamp is big and reminds you to a camp fire. The comfortable area which is covered by the light is used to make you feel warm and secure, similar when you sit next to a real camp fire.

The size of this lamp is very big and resembling sophisticated helicopters that you see in the movie of Avatar, with round shape and large propellers, the futuristic style comes from the size and the shade of the lamp. Other than the size, this lamp blends in with a conventional light buld and is changeable with an economic lamp.

In the living room, precisely in the middle, it looks like a huge umbrella with extraordinary visual impact from its simple design. Steel is used to construct the pole that strong enough to support the Big Lamp. You can change it as you want, according to your needs either the length or the position. Visit Smart Furniture and pay for $949 to get this lamp.


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