Cool DIY Instagram clock

In many other ways this project is creative and fun and the design is adaptable. For instance, the creator claims that this distinct clock has images chosen to portray “a day in the life.” This clock is developed for kids under 6 years old that about to enter the kindergarten and with this the kids can learn time and know what to expect. Other pictures that represent something else can be used to replace the images that you see here. You are free to choose the theme for your clock.

Now let’s find out how the same clock can be made. Prepare the supplies before you begin the work. You’ll need to have an Instagram feed filled with any images you might like if the case is the daily activities of your children, hole punches, a canvas measuring 12×12 mounted on wood, a clock kit that you can purchase at a nearby craft store, and a ruler. First, grab some photos and then use the photoshop to adjust the size into minor circles. It should match the hole punch that you have, but the diameter can be determined as you want. Basically, the base of the clock can be suited with your work.

For the hours, you should print the formatted numbers in the same way along with the circle photos. Then use a hold punch and begin creating the clock by cutting them. Grab the canvas and measure the center then go through it and cut a hole. On the base of the canvas then assemble the pieces of the clock, when done, in a circle you can begin to arrange the numbers. Take your chosen photos and then add them. When you feel happy with certain layout, continue the work by gluing the pieces to the canvas. With this way you can personalize your clock and this idea is great for a gift.


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6 Photos of the Cool DIY Instagram clock

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