Cool Fisher Island Drum Pendant

Music has something to do with men’s lives and if they can recall, they have developed some musical instruments made of everything that they find around them. I can say that the drum is the most influential instruments from an orchestra because rhythm is marked with it and the tempo is also kept. No wonder that the drum has inspired some designers from various field for their creations. This Fisher Island Drum Pendant also inspired by the drum so the shape is made close to the look of a drum. This drim pendant is hang from the ceiling.

The designer called it Fisher Island that came from the name of a lobely island in California, from its name I guess you can feel the inspiration of this item. The shade with cylindrical design with the shape of a drum is placed above a good support with four legs made of metal. Choose between small and large if you need the appropriate size or choose Satin Nickel and a Merlot Bronze.

The lamp shade is available in various fabrics and is one of the best feature, thus all design in every room can be perfected with it. In terms of fabrics for the furniture, you can use white Natural Grasscloth, Walnut, Safari fabric, and Ivory fabric. Based on your specific necessities, you must pay from $368.00 to $806.00 to get this item. This item is available at Lumens.


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3 Photos of the Cool Fisher Island Drum Pendant

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