Cool Happy Home from Philippines

I often ask my self, how does his/her house look like whenever I meet a foreign friend. I also associate the specificities of the country in terms of house establishment. Because of that I imagine a Spanish house is so colorful, an English house is elegant, and a French house is very beautiful. In the Philippines, a house can look very happy. The house designers attempted to give the house more atmosphere of the country thus the house became the spirit of the Pilipino.

In fact this house is a townhouse, located in the capital city of Manila and designed by Buensalido Architects and intended for a married couple. The house looks like a five star hotel from the outside but the interior is very cozy and very welcoming. The house design is very expressive and obtained by means of triangles that serve as flaglets seen in some local festivals. In Philippines it is common if you see a party somewhere in the country, for this occasion the house is made more colorful to follow this custom. How the lights used by the architects are rather impressive.

Throughout the rooms, the light and the small triangles mirros play a cheerful rhythm. There is a playful shadow in the room that depend on the numbers of lights being turned on. There is no requirement for you to purchase costly paintings because everyday different decorations are used. With appropriate home décor, a party held inside will be fun. But never forget about the happy atmosphere and cozy feel. This becomes the characteristics of the Philippine and the entire people across this country.


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