Cool Indoor Waterfall from Harmonic Environments

Our consciousness and well being is influenced by the design and materials of our house. We must find harmony and balance in the indoor, the Harmonic Environments Indoor waterfall use natural water that adds composure, relaxation, and soothing environment. Water is not that easy to control, but we know that it brings tranquility and purify the air.

But Harmonic Environments is applicable for all applications and have a wide range of Indoor Waterfalls. They can be made as kinetic art works or as dividers for the room to be more distinctive. You can use them as supplementary to the fireplace to create a more relaxing atmosphere that cause no risk to everyone, but only for residential applications.

The glass panes in the central works to add more privacy and ensure the water to rush down on the surface. You have the showpiece in your house through the dramatic lighting. This pieces work quietly and splash free, you hear nothing but the cascading water with its burbling sound. These indoor waterfalls are easy to maintain, maintenance can be done once a month in only 15 minutes, the maintenance system is called the ZonePure Purification System. Entertain your life with the luxurious waterfall, a perfect solution from Harmonic Environments.


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2 Photos of the Cool Indoor Waterfall from Harmonic Environments

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