Cool Luau Portable Lamp

It looks nice and wonderful in the stary night and i like the warmth so much. So i like hanging out in the nights looking at billion of stars and wondering about a lot of things. But from now and then perhaps there may be a problem : when the dark occupy the night and theres no light from the moon in the sky, I feel so scared and completely lost that I could break something, fall to the ground, or trip onto something. I soon grabbed my husband’s flashlight and go outside, but the batteries don’t stand too long, they only last for half an hour or so. Then I figured out that the Luau Portable Lamp is something essential for me.

We don’t know the origin of this lamp and its not too important but the name suggests it comes from Hawaii. What you should know is that this lamp can give light until ten hours without a necessary power cord, and this lamp is very portable too. When you take it off from its charger and take it outside, the lamp will automatically lights on, and when you feel appropriate, you can take it wherever you want.

You can control the intensity of the light by spinning its dial at the bottom so this lamp is not only useful, but also very funny. You can use the steel handle to hang it in a tree or use the surface with flat bottom to place it on the patio. Rechargeable batteries work well with this lamp and its also resistant to water. Purchase this lovely portable lamp for $198 and benefit from its LED light.


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