Cool Office Lighting Idea with Andromeda Tactical

As far as I concern, this lamp is called the Andromeda Tactical Lighting. It doesn’t look like a lamp but more like a mini launcher of missile, perhaps your judgement is not the same as mine. This tactical lighting is made of specific type of aluminum, not ordinary aluminum, but from black anodized aluminum. The shades and the legs can be moved independently because all item is provided with specific systems of railing.

The legs almost look like the legs of the transformers and share the same resemblance with the Lunar Module. This is not a lighting device and you should know it from the first time. Compared to a lamp, it looks more like a decorative item of the star wars movie. All shades appear to be some kind of satellite antennas for telecommunications in the military, connected to a particular device that shoots lasers and bullets with extreme speed to the sky. First, this is too conflicting and second, it doesn’t really suitable for a home with cozy ambience.

Third, is not required and fourth, this is not a lamp. Lately I came upon a rock concert and their stage had a metal support similar to this one where there was a speaker with large size mounted on it. Are curious to know the price? Well the price is start from $ 500+, the retail price. If the name of this thing is TV Satellite Antenna then I would consider preparing that sum of money and if I could obtain all TV stations in the world to my TV.


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