Copper Apron Sinks from HP Austin

HP Austin with these lovely copper apron sinks try to bring home patterns that once popular on copper sinks with large sizes throughout Europe and America. 16 gaugse copper is used for each apron sink, each of them is made in a small copper shop in Texas, here the sink is hand hammered and welded. The customers of HP Austin are free to make a custom front or choosing four standard fronts with decorative ornaments because each apron kitchen sink is decorated and is optional.

This kitchen sink is very unique and priceless because there each sinks never have the same age. These kitchen sinks are available in 2 different sizes, the chef 44″ x 22″ and the standard 33″ x 22″. You can order them from HP Austin.


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1 Photos of the Copper Apron Sinks from HP Austin

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