Create A Romantic Atmosphere With Flamenca LED Lamp

Flamenca is introduced with a very exclusive design and constitute a beautiful table lamp. From the appearance, you will see that it is not an ordinary table lamp. First of all, the shape is artistic and the design is playful as well colorful. This is an LED lamp. This lamp is closely related to the environment. QisDesign developed the Flamenca table lamp, a premium brand in design and lifestyle.

The flamenca table lamp is a great addition for any room. You can also use this table lamp in different types of spaces. It looks very good on a coffee place or a terrace. An ashtray is presented to complement the beauty. The lamp’s design is inspired by the dress of flamenco where the name is drawn from there too. The whole design and the shape of the lamp provide a beautiful light and a diffuse. A romantic ambience can be created as you expect.

The lamp consists of a mixture of curved lines and bicolor acrylics with a plate that looks like metal. The combination is sophisticated and harmony is seen in the composition, in texture and colors. From the flamenco dress that twirl around the air, the curved lines of the lamp are reminiscent. Adding LED technology into this lovely shape was a very brilliant idea and genius.

Actually, flamenca is a sort of art. There are two reasons that force you to include it into your house décor, they are expressive and functional. It has a USB power charge or a battery, or an AC adapter to power the lamp. It has three main colors : orange, pink, and green.

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