Creating Unique Bathrooms with Wainscoting

Creating unique bathrooms with wainscoting could use some creative decorating accents. The bathroom wall design easy to give a touch of color and style in the bathroom while continuing to maintain the benefits. Technically, the requirements that must be met by the bathroom as one that is very personal spaces are cleanliness, safety, and comfort. But there’s nothing wrong, beyond the three requirements above, add the beauty factor. Because of the attention to beauty, activity is expected in the bathroom can walk more comfortably.

Distinguish ceramic wall above the bottom and also one of the tricks to make the bathroom more beautiful. Use bathrooms with wainscoting in older color on the bottom and light colors on top. Height can vary according to the size of wall tiles are used, but should be above the sink. The second meeting of a different color ceramic tiles separated list that can be colored with ceramic border on the floor or with different motifs and colors. You should choose the color of ceramic derivative that is more harmonious combination.

If you are planning to cover the entire bathrooms with wainscoting, do not forget to use ceramic trim. Ceramic trim is a ceramic barrier installed on top to make it look more beautiful. It usually installed in the bathroom with wainscoting have diverse motives, ranging from models of flowers, animals, kitchen tools, fruits etc. bathroom wainscoting can be found in stores or on the ceramic building materials store nearest you.

Granting wainscoting has a function to add to the beauty of the bathroom. Wainscoting is usually installed around the shower room, the half-wall height. Wainscoting also has a function to aesthetic enhancer on the ceramic walls. Before choosing tile it helps you make a list about how many times you need what type of ceramic, cost, models, designs and advantages of the ceramic.

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6 Photos of the Creating Unique Bathrooms with Wainscoting

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