Creative and Unique Table Lamp

There is no limitation to creativity, but everything is determined by imagination, and  imagination is god’s best  conferral to humans. My opinion is best represented with this wonderful lamp. Since our childhood we have seen many beautiful lamps and we already know how they look like. I often saw this wonderful lamps in the bedrooms, perhaps this is the only thing I can recall from my childhood.

Time has passed, and this wonderful lamps are no longer displayed in the bedrooms but also in other space in the house. Currently, this unsual table lamp is developed by Connect Design and called “page by page”. This innovative product can use power from Pc or laptop through USB connection, it uses LED and only needs 5 volts. This table lamp is not only usable at night, its also usable in the daylight. During the night this works as small lamp with glowing light, and in the day it works as a poster. One feature that is prominent from this lamp is the changeable background. Just turn the page and soon the background will change.

If you don’t like the existing background images, you can make your own background image on the back where there is an empty page. You will be proud with your own creation and won’t get bored too soon. This wonderful lamps can fit any environments and will transform the look of your space. This piece of lamp is an essential part of any house décor.


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8 Photos of the Creative and Unique Table Lamp

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