Creative Curvy Bottom Lamp

Since a long time ago we have discovered many things around us that we change into anything that we want with our skill and taste. We use wood to construct the furniture and homes, this material is very handy that we can use it for tools around the home. We also found a way of how to carve the wood and create lovely things that we use for house décor. Both of the example can take the form of this Curvy Bottom Lamp. In the same time this piece is decorative and useful.

This lamp is very beautiful, boasts a very powerful light that every table and rooms will be brightful with its presence. Something funny about this lamp is that the lamp base is made by Arnish craftsmen, a traditional community who manage to survive their tradition and to spread it worldwide. They make these lovely crafts on order and sell them online and in the market as well. For instance, this cute lamp is given a curved base from wood and colored in black walnut and provided with a good beige shade is sold for $210. If you ask me, this is a win win solution.


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1 Photos of the Creative Curvy Bottom Lamp

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